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"Equipping and Supporting Congregations to Be Christ in the World"

The Presbytery of the Western Reserve bears witness to the grace of God in Jesus Christ through the unique ministries of its members and churches. We are an ordered and interconnected body that equips each congregation to experience God in vital worship and mission. With love and cooperation, we develop leaders, nurture pastors, and support ministries of justice and evangelism. We believe the Holy Spirit speaks through the gathered body as, together, we discern Christ's will and give glory to God. (May 27, 2015)


An effective mission statement is more than something that is hung on a wall or posted on a website. It is the foundational tool that inspires and guides ministry as the Presbytery seeks to be faithful to God’s call and vision for the future. The Mission Council will prayerfully use the mission statement to move the Presbytery forward in developing strategy, setting goals, and determining actions and resources needed to achieve them. Pray for your leaders as they engage in this important work. 

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