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A Diagram for Our Structure
by Eric Muller-Girard, Moderator of Coordinating Cabinet

Like the PWR leadership structure that it represents, the diagram expressing our structure was developed by the 2015-2016 Mission Council over the course of several months and with considerable discussion. Its nautical form is in keeping with the following intentions- adapted from the book Sailboat Church by the Rev. Joan Gray:

[The kind of presbytery we wish to be] “…is built around the image of the church as a sailboat. This boat has sails spread wide, allowing the wind of the Spirit to move the church where God wants it to go. It is God-powered. …it is not literally a sailboat. But it can choose to operate in a way that allows the Holy Spirit-- the wind of God-- to become its power source.”

Our presbytery is composed of its constituent congregations and its minister members. It also employs a professional staff to help it achieve the fulfillment of its calling and objectives. Like a boat on the sea, it exists in a context. The very fluid medium that we travel through and seek to serve in Christ’s name …is that of the wider world- it's the world including, yet also existing beyond our constituent congregations.

The complete and current written descriptions of the functional units of our committee structure are included in our Manual of Operations. This diagram is merely intended as a helpful simplification. It is worth noting that the cross is seen at the center of our diagrammed boat; an indication of the 2015-2016 Mission Council’s hope that every unit of the Presbytery will constantly refer to, and rely upon, that central reality of our shared faith. 

Indeed, shared faith in the Triune God is really what motivates our presbyters to volunteer their time and energy to the varied committees shown in the diagram. Though fewer in number and not explicitly portrayed in the diagram, the presbytery staff is also a very important part of our leadership structure. In keeping with the ethically appropriate ways that we all are called to share our worship, work and calling as Christ’s disciples, PWR staff is assumed to deserve full access to participate in the life of the PWR- without undue constraint, and with full access to serve in ways that may better help this presbytery to accomplish the journey that God is calling us to share in together.

Eric Muller-Girard, R.E.
Moderator, Presbytery of the Western Reserve
July 8, 2016

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