About Us | Assumptions & What If's
  • God has placed us here in northeast Ohio.

  • God has not abandoned the world.

  • God has given each congregation particular gifts.

  • Together we are called to be the body of Christ to equip one another for ministry, to be Christ in and for the world.


What if we as a Presbytery...


Focus on deepening our spiritual life and that of our congregations, working to identify and nurture the particular gift(s) of each congregation, and commit to an orientation of hopeful expectation.


Work to build authentic community within and among our congregations by sharing stories that witness to God's activity in our midst, the hurt and suffering among us, and the needs of our neighbors near and far.


Use our collective talents and resources responsibly to support vital congregations, recruit and equip able leaders, and connect with our communities.


Encourage congregational partnerships for short term shared experiences such as joint youth experiences, shared mission trips, and longer term partnerships for mutual growth and engagement in mission.


Learn to emphasize mutuality, practice accompaniment, and be open to new possibilities as we walk with each other exploring and discerning God's call for us.


Anticipate, research, and share information for more effective housing, maintenance, and management of congregations and ministries.


Develop a banquet table of options and resources for congregations as we seek to deepen our spiritual life through ministry and mission, particularly as we partner with others for mission, learning, support, accountability, creativity and growth.


Develop, recruit, and support pastoral and lay leaders with the skills and qualities needed to lead vital congregations.