Stephen C. Blonder Adams Chaplain
Jane B. Anderson Honorably Retired
Lynn M. Anderson Covenant Pastor
Lois H. Annich Member-at-Large
Hannemarie Baillie Honorably Retired, Pastor Emerita, Parish Associate
Barbara Barkley Pastor
Clover R. Beal Associate Pastor
June W. Begany Member-at-Large
Susanne Bendoraitis Associate Pastor
Harry L. Bigelow Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus, Parish Associate
L. Gordon Blasius Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus
Catherine G. Borchert Honorably Retired,Stated Clerk Emerita
Tony E. Britt, II Member-at-Large
Lynn Thompson Bryant Interim Pastor
Sharon S. Budin Covenant Pastor
Tyrone L. Burkette Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
James C. Butler Pastor
Robert "Bert" Campbell Honorably Retired
Susanne M. Carter Honorably Retired
David Connor Interim Pastor, Temporary Member
Luke C. Choi Associate Pastor
Richard D. Clewell Honorably Retired
M. Robin Craig Covenant Pastor
George P. Dauler Honorably Retired
Bobbie Davis-Newhouse Member Serving Another Denomination
Paul W. DeBeer Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Eric R. Dillenbeck Associate Pastor
Henry C. Doll Honorably Retired
Carol A. Duffy Member-at-Large
Linda M. Eastwood Member-at-Large, Out of Bounds of PWR
Harold F. Eberhard Honorably Retired
Frank Endrei Honorably Retired
Jon M. Fancher Pastor
Leroy A. Ford Honorably Retired
James R. Gilbert Honorably Retired, Interim Pastor
Rick Gillespie-Mobley Co-Pastor
Toby Gillespie-Mobley Co-Pastor
R. Mark Giuliano Pastor
Donald J. Grauer Chaplain
John A. Gruneich Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Alfred A. Hart Honorable Retired, Pastor Emeritus, Parish Associate
Ina Hamilton Hart Honorably Retired
Carmen D. Cox Harwell Pastor
R. Layne Hawley Member-at-Large, Out of Bounds of PWR
Arthur J. Helin Pastor
Susan Holderness Presbytery Pastor to Clergy and their families
Kevin M. Horak Member Serving Another Denomination
David Howell Honorably Retired
Charles V. Hurst Covenant Pastor
Michelle Jean-Mary Member-at-Large, Out of Bounds of PWR
Edgar "Ted" Jones Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Kenneth E. Jones Honorably Retired
Mark L. Juengel Pastor
Szabolcs Kalman Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
R. J. Kang Interim Pastor
William C. Keene Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus
Daniel R. Kershner Validated Ministry
Joshua Kim Pastor
Winston Kirkland Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Patricia Dykers Koenig Validated Ministry, Parish Associate
Laury W. Larson Honorably Retired
Jody C. LeFort Honorably Retired
John C. Lentz Pastor
Adrienne K. Lloyd Member-at-Large
Stephen R. Long Pastor
Dalton D. Love Honorably Retired
Nancy L. Lynch Validated Ministry
Jessica L. MacMillan Stated Clerk, Parish Associate
Thomas L. MacMillan Pastor
Daniel R. Marvin Honorably Retired
Anne K. McCabe Honorably Retired
Thomas A. McCabe Honorably Retired
Natalie K. McWilliams Honorably Retired, Associate Emeritus
Francis P. Miller, II Pastor
John M. Miller Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
K. Dean Myers Honorably Retired
Scott Shane Nanney Pastor
Willy Nieves-Velez Honorably Retired
Donald C. Oglesby Honorably Retired, Parish Associate
Arpad Csaba Orosz Honorably Retired
Henry Pearce Pastor
Malcolm L. Peel Honorably Retired
Roger I. Perks Honorably Retired
Kerri Peterson-Davis Member-at-Large
Leonard R. Phelps Honrably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Mary S. Pisano Covenant Pastor
Rosalind Y. Powell Honorably Retired
Fred W. Quigley Honorably Retired
Amy Starr Redwine Pastor
Derek Starr Redwine Pastor
Matthew B. Reeves Pastor
Robert P. Richardson Member-at-Large
Robin L. Schreiber Member-at-Large
Sandra Seaton-Todd Designated Pastor
Richard P. Seawright Honorably Retired
David W. Sherwin Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus
Malcolm K. Shields Honorably Retired, Associate Emeritus
Richard L. Shipley Honorably Retired
Martha "Missy" Shiverick Member-at-Large
Jonyrma Singleton Honorably Retired
Logan Skelly Chaplain
James E. Smucker Honorably Retired
Russell "Rick" Stein Covenant Pastor
Kellie C. Sullivan Co-Pastor
Sheryl L. Swan Covenant Pastor
Charlie Swartz Pastor
Zoltan Szucs Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Oommen K. Thomas Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus, Parish Associate
Eileen F. Vizcaino Validated Ministry
John Wahl Pastor
Diane E. Walker Chaplain
Carol Wedell Member-at-Large
Ogden White, III Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus
Meredith A. White-Zeager Organizing Pastor
Arvid A. Whitmore Honorably Retired
Louis A. Will Honorably Retired, Pastor Emeritus, Temporary Supply
Dale A. Withers Honorably Retired, Out of Bounds of PWR
Cassandra S. Wolfe Associate Chaplain, Parish Associate
Dennis L. Zimmerman Member-at-Large
Commissioned Ruling Elders (Formerly called Commissioned Lay Pastors)
Kenneth Ayers  
William Daywalt  
Wayne DeMarco  
David Starke