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Presbyterian Church (USA)

The Presbytery of the Western reserve is comprised of 39 Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) member congregations in northeast Ohio.


Our Mission: Equipping and Supporting Congregations to Be Christ in the World


Our Strategy:

We will equip each congregation to experience God in vital worship and mission.

Our priorities:

  1. Connect with every congregation to recognize and celebrate congregational milestones and good practices, and to build trusting relationships.
  2. Inspire vital worship, spiritual formation, emerging ministries, and stewardship practices in congregations through training events, funding incentives and other resources.
  3. Secure consultant services to provide resources for congregations in discerning their unique mission.
  4. Facilitate and support congregational connections that promote partnership and cooperative ministries.
  5. Walk with and guide at-risk congregations as we together discern and pursue options for the future.


We will develop leaders

Our priorities:

  1. Host training events that orient and equip all for their leadership roles.
  2. Develop supportive networks of church professionals.
  3. Promote leadership training events and offer incentives for participation.
  4. Provide learning opportunities at Presbytery meetings that will equip congregational leaders.
  5. Encourage men and women to respond to God’s call to ordained service.


We will nurture pastors

Our priorities:

  1. Welcome new clergy and commissioned ruling elders and assist them in connecting with others.
  2. Encourage non-parish and retired teaching elders to connect with a congregation for spiritual support and nurture.
  3. Facilitate the formation of colleague groups and gatherings that empower teaching elders and commissioned ruling elders to be connected to each other and to develop trusting relationships.
  4. Encourage spiritual direction, coaching, and continuing education.
  5. Provide pastoral care and referral services to teaching elders and their families.
  6. Promote the PCUSA Board of Pensions preventive care, member assistance programs, pre-retirement and fiscal responsibility workshops.


We will support ministries of justice

Our priorities:

  1. Recognize, celebrate, and support congregational engagement in justice ministries.
  2. Designate an amount equal to at least 10% of the PWR operating budget for mission partners and justice ministries of congregations.
  3. Participate in and promote PCUSA Self-Development of People and Presbyterian Women.
  4. Promote and coordinate action networks of passionate people that build congregational partnerships.
  5. Support congregations in their work of creation care, earth justice, and outdoor ministry.


We will support ministries of evangelism

Our priorities:

  1. Inspire and encourage congregations to create and adopt New Worshipping Communities.
  2. Equip pastors and congregations for evangelism efforts.
  3. Identify and raise up new leaders to be evangelists.
  4. Offer coaching, consultation, and other resources to assist congregations in outreach to unchurched people.
  5. Encourage worship and preaching that welcomes and invites people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and engages them with the message of the gospel.


We believe the Holy Spirit speaks through the gathered body, as together we discern Christ's will and give glory to God.

Our priorities:

  1. Make use of the gifts of leaders within the Presbytery, as well as those of guests and community leaders, to create engaging worship at Presbytery meetings.
  2. Provide orientation tools for presbyters to better understand and participate in meetings.
  3. Incorporate practices to increase our awareness of God’s presence and voice in our midst.

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