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The Presbytery of the Western Reserve is called to the stated meeting on June 24, 2019 at the Chalet in the Cleveland Metroparks!

I know, I know—that phrasing is a little stuffy…

But don’t worry — this isn’t going to be just your ordinary presbytery meeting. Sure, there’s a docket and business, and we need to worry about a quorum, and all that usual stuff, but it’s not just commissioners that are called to this meeting — everyone in the presbytery is invited! Are you a past moderator? Long time commissioner? Recent “Presbytery Nerd”? Church member and person-about-town? Just curious about what the heck we do at those meetings? Lover of the outdoors? Player of pickup softball games? Connoisseur of cookouts?

Well, then this meeting is for you, so join us on June 24 at the Chalet in the Cleveland Metroparks for an afternoon of fellowship, food, fun, visioning, and yes, a stated meeting of the Presbytery!

But we need your help with a few things:

food volunteers!

We will need a few people to volunteer to get the food tables set up. — let us know if you’d like to help with this.

Do you have a favorite outdoor activity?

Crafts? Games? Sports? This event is centered around fun for the family, so if there is an activity you’d like to be in charge of leading (see examples below), just let us know!

Get in touch (click here) to let us know how you would like to help!


Starting at 12:00pm - Outdoor games and activities

  • Ladderball, Croquet, Bocce, and Cornhole games

  • Hiking, walking, and bike trails

  • Horseshoes, Baseball field, and volleyball courts

Admit it: you’ve always wondered if your pastor would be half as impressive at bat as behind the pulpit. Well, this might be your opportunity to find out. Horseshoes are provided, but softballs, bats, volleyballs, etc… will not be. Bring your own if you’d like to play!

2:30pm - Tie-Dye your own shirt (or pillowcase) (or whatever) with Jenni Walker Noyes

Advance registration is necessary (registration info to follow in an upcoming announcement). You will need to bring your own shirt or pillowcase and gallon-sized freezer bag.

3:00pm - Reformation Yoga with Rev. Nancy Lynch and Pam Stec

Reformation Yoga is a program at Lyndhurst Community Presbyterian Church, originally funded through a Vitality Grant from the Presbytery of Western Reserve, to build community, to extend the ministry of the church to non-members, and to introduce a new type of spiritual discipline that unites minds, spirits, and bodies with God. No experience is required, and ALL are welcome! You do not need special “yoga” clothes—just wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. If you do have a mat, please bring it, but if you don’t, no worries—a towel will work just fine.  Come and explore the “reformation” of your body, mind, and spirit in Reformation Yoga, and please—feel free to bring a friend! 

4:00PM - “Meat” and greet with Rev. Carmen Cox Harwell

That’s right—the incoming Presbytery Moderator will be doing the grilling! Stop by starting at 4pm to say hello to Rev. Carmen Cox Harwell! (Consumption of animal products is not necessary for this activity, but we couldn’t resist the pun. It was too…delicious. (Ok, we’re done now.)

4:30pm - Join your fellow presbyters for a potluck and cookout

We will provide the protein (burgers, hotdogs, meatless alternatives), and we would love for you to bring your favorite cookout dish to share! Make whatever you like, but please be mindful of ingredients. If your dish has gluten, meat, nuts — anything some folks might want or need to avoid — please label it as having them.

Staff will be onsite at the Chalet starting at 10:30 in the morning on June 24, and we have access to refrigerators. If you’d like to drop your dish off during the day, feel free to do so. Please be aware that we will be unable to heat your dish up — we can keep it cold, but we can’t make it hot. If you’re bringing a hot dish, please plan ahead (insulated bag, crock pot or warming dish, careful timing, etc…)

Bring your own cookout-ware. Plan to bring your own dishes, plates, silverware, napkins, etc… and then to take them with you when you leave. This way we won’t have a giant pile of dishes to do, and we won’t be creating a lot of waste.

Please label everything you bring (dishes, serving utensils, etc…) with your name, and collect them before you leave. The lost and found box at the Presbytery office is not very big, and there is no room in it for five Instant Pots, twelve serving spoons, and a cake pan. Just like the scouts — take everything you bring in back out with you!

Recipe sharing! We’ve all heard it at a church potluck: “Who made that DELICIOUS [salad/pie/whatever]?!” — Somebody at this cookout is going to love your dish and want the recipe. If you’re willing to share, bring a copy with you.

5:30pm - reflecting on our “why”

At the culmination of the last year, this is an opportunity to reflect on our shared experience and consider our way forward.

6:30PM - Business Meeting

(the times below are approximate)

7:45pm - Vespers service

8:30pm - Stick around for Smores!

Would it even be a cookout without them?

Go Ape Ropes course

Unlike a pickup volleyball game, this isn’t the sort of thing that you can just ‘show up and do.’ The ropes course is run by Go Ape, and reservations are required — please see the Go Ape web site for information on cost, supervision, and hours. This would be an excellent opportunity for a youth group (or multiple youth groups) to organize an event.

Just so we’re clear: the Go Ape course won’t be available unless you contact Go Ape ahead of time to make reservations. If you would like to organize this opportunity on behalf of the Presbytery, let us know so that we can direct interested folks to you!