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In the Spotlight

Hunger Action Congregations Covenant

Want to boost your congregation's hunger ministry up to the next level?  The PWR Hunger Action Network is pleased to present our brand new Hunger Action Congregations Covenant, now available online.  Check out the Covenant form here.  Additional info and links can be found here.  We hope you will join other PWR churches in this exciting journey!


In Connection

A Diagram for Our Structure
by Eric Muller-Girard, Moderator of Presbytery

Like the PWR leadership structure that it represents, the diagram expressing our structure was developed by the 2015-2016 Mission Council over the course of several months and with considerable discussion. Its nautical form is in keeping with the following intentions- adapted from the book Sailboat Church by the Rev. Joan Gray:

In Our Congregations

A Field Trip with God
By the Rev. Matthew Reeves

On a recent late Sunday afternoon, twenty-some members of the Christ Church community met at one of Geauga County’s parks, The Rookery, for a “Field Trip with God.” Before we set out to walk or, in the case of some, to run or scurry over the old Interurban Railroad line that is now a path through wetlands and hardwood forest, we listened to Jesus’ admonition to his disciples

In Mission

Theodicy and Racism
By Mary Susan Pisano

Hebrews 12:1-17

Theodicy, or the problem of why God “allows” evil had a bad reputation in my seminary.  Suffering obviously wasn’t a good thing, and we were encouraged as future pastors to steer clear of the kinds of platitudes we all grew up hearing from the ministers in our childhood.  I think that my professors had their hearts in the right place.  They wanted to make us the best pastors we could possibly be and evaluating and commenting on other peoples’ pain is not at all pastoral. 

In Current Events

New Church in the Presbytery

Excitement, Celebration and Greater Community Service! That’s what happens when a 160-year-old church joins with a 60-year-old church to form a new congregation serving the Berea and Olmsted Falls communities.

Why would two strong churches join together?  When First Congregational sold their building in 2009 to Baldwin Wallace University, they began by considering whether they would build or buy a new building.  For the first four years, they

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