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In the Spotlight


Why We Believe Presbyterian Faith is the Faith of the Future
By the Rev. Henry Pearce

“Faith without Apology, Welcome without Exception”

  1. We are committed to thoughtfully wrestling with every important question of faith. The capacity for rational thought is part of the Image of God we display to the world. We do not always agree on all issues, but we believe in listening to one another – and especially to those who disagree with us. When God teaches us, it is most likely to happen through those we disagree with.
  2. We have a form of organization that doesn’t grant any individual the kind of authority that

In Connection

Why I Love the Presbytery
by Josh Daum

I should tell you right up front that I am not a Presbyterian.  My church background is somewhat varied.  I have racked up many hours at maybe a dozen churches in 8 to 10 denominations, depending on how you count.  I have been a congregant (as well as a disillusioned former congregant), a choir member, a guest preacher, a percussionist, a handbell player, an ad-hoc IT technician, and the drummer for a Dixieland praise band. 

In Our Congregations

A Field Trip with God
By the Rev. Matthew Reeves

On a recent late Sunday afternoon, twenty-some members of the Christ Church community met at one of Geauga County’s parks, The Rookery, for a “Field Trip with God.” Before we set out to walk or, in the case of some, to run or scurry over the old Interurban Railroad line that is now a path through wetlands and hardwood forest, we listened to Jesus’ admonition to his disciples

In Mission

End-of-Year Grants Available from the New Committee on Outreach

In an effort to promote and support Presbytery and congregational engagement in local and global outreach and social justice ministries, the new Committee on Outreach is able to recommend the distribution of up to $20,000 for qualified programs that already exist.  These special supplemental grants are intended to help with current 2016 project expenses. Think of this as a year-end gift to a deserving program that could use a boost.

In Current Events

New Church in the Presbytery

Excitement, Celebration and Greater Community Service! That’s what happens when a 160-year-old church joins with a 60-year-old church to form a new congregation serving the Berea and Olmsted Falls communities.

Why would two strong churches join together?  When First Congregational sold their building in 2009 to Baldwin Wallace University, they began by considering whether they would build or buy a new building.  For the first four years, they

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