Calendar, Email Newsletter, and Article Submission Info

We have a variety of channels available to help you get the word out about your event, article, or idea. See below for more information.

Email Newsletter

This channel is good for quick notes about upcoming events and drawing attention to sections of other sites (like the Presbytery website or your church or organization’s website). The newsletter is not the place for longer-form communications like articles or lengthy event descriptions. Click here to subscribe to the newsletter, and click here to submit information to be included in it.


The Presbytery’s newest communication channel — if is the place you have to go for information, then FaithOfTheFuture is the place you’ll want to go for inspiration. This is the place where you can publish your sermon, blog post, or other article. Contact Josh Daum for more information about how you can contribute to!

Events Calendar

This is a Google Calendar (actually several of them--different ones for ecumenical events, congregation events, presbytery events, etc...) but they're all color coded and visible on one, easy to use calendar. Entries on the calendar include date and time, of course, but also location and an extended description if applicable. Click here to view the calendar, and click here if you have event details to be included on it!

More information:

These options are great on their own, but your message goes out to a wider audience when the channels are used together.  So if you have an event coming up, you could write a short entry for the newsletter and an entry on the events calendar.  Then, after the event is over, you could write an article about how it went and submit that for the congregation spotlight or Faith of the Future (or both!)