In the Spotlight:

The local chapter of the Self Development of People Committee enters into partnerships with community groups of low-income people that want to change their lives and communities. The 2019 Community Workshop will be in June: more details coming soon.  The deadline for 2019 Grant applications is Friday, August 16th.  The Grant Application form and other SDOP documents are available on our Grants and Scholarships page.  More information about the SDOP program can be found here.

Usual Meeting Time:

The committee usually meets on the second Monday of each month at 6pm.


Makes decisions on validating and funding proposals in accordance with the criteria and guidelines of the National Committee on Self-Development of People to empower poor, oppressed and disadvantaged people, seeking to change the structures that perpetuate poverty, oppression and injustice. Members are Presbyterian and non-Presbyterian and are chosen based on interest in program and commitment to consistent work during the funding cycle (not selected by Nominating Committee). Minimum of five members. Meets second Monday of the month at the Presbytery office.


Moderator: The Rev. Francis Miller
Cindy Dugan
Vikki Kelley
Pat Norton
Patsy Orosz
Dennis Zimmerman