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The calendar is your one-stop location to find out what’s going on in the Presbytery of the Western Reserve. From committee meetings, to stated meetings of the presbytery, to events submitted by our churches, you’ll find it all here. Below you will find links, both to the calendar itself and to a form where you can submit your own event!

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Our newsletter contains highlighted events and information from throughout the Presbytery. It goes out weekly, around noon on Wednesdays. If you would like to subscribe or if you have information you would like to share through the newsletter, you can click the appropriate link below:

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FAITH OF THE FUTURE is a new website, also created by the Presbytery of the Western Reserve. There, you can find information about the Reformed Tradition, as well as articles, blogs, and other content from pastors and other members of the Presbytery. Click below to go right to FaithOfTheFuture, or you can click the ‘find out more’ link for information about how you can submit your own article.

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