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Usual Meeting Time:

The network meets often, but not at a specific time. Contact the committee at


The Ministry Advocating for Homeless Persons provides information to local congregations on Homelessness issues including local resources, one-time events, causes and effects, and effective ways to provide hospitality.

Members of this Network will:

  • Facilitate and support congregational connections that promote partnership and cooperative ministries.

  • Conduct on-site visits to encourage cooperation between churches and service providers. 

  • Provide relevant information on current services for homeless people and how to access them. 

  • Work with the Hunger Action Network, Racism Action Network,  Self-Development of People, and yet-to-be formed networks in recognition of the intersectionality of these ministries.  If you would like to get involved, you can contact the committee at


Cinda Gorman
Bob Ault
Brenda Horth
Charlie Hurst
Erma Sayles
Jenny Woodworth
Jo Naretto
John Wahl
Jose Soto
Joyce Kren
Karen Davis
Kathy Flora
Mark Eldred
Sharon Grace Budin
Rick Stein
Sara Gresh
Shane Nanney
Ron Register
Sharol Cremeans