In the Spotlight:

The Coordinating Cabinet is currently working to determine the “why” of the Presbytery, as suggested in Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on inspiring action through Leadership.

Usual Meeting Time:

The second Tuesday of each month, at 9:30am


The Coordinating Cabinet organizes the life of the Presbytery, holding the Presbytery accountable to its mission, by coordinating the implementation of the Presbytery’s strategy, meetings, and prioritization of funding. The cabinet is comprised of one member of each standing committee, the immediate past moderator of Presbytery, the current moderator and vice moderator of Presbytery, and two at large members.


Moderator of Presbytery - The Rev. Carmen Cox Harwell
Vice Moderator of Presbytery - The Rev. Charlie Swartz
Past Moderator of Presbytery (moderates this cabinet) - Elder Martha Goble
Committee on Leadership - The Rev. Ben Graves
Committee on Ministry - The Rev. Jim Butler
Committee on Operations - The Rev. Mark Giuliano
Committee on Outreach - Elder Ron Register
Committee on Nominations and Representation - Elder Susan Vlcek
Committee on Preparation for Ministry - The Rev. Mark Eldred
At Large Member - vacancy
At Large Member - Elder JoAnn Wallace