Important Note:

All meal reservations are being collected and paid for in advance — there will be no opportunity to order or pay for dinner on the day of the stated meeting. This is due to the fact that folks have previously reserved meals and then not come and/or paid for them, resulting in a waste of food and a loss of money on the part of the church, who are graciously hosting the meeting.

Meal reservations and payments must be received no later than Tuesday, September 17 at 5pm. You can pay by check if you’d rather not pay online but we recommend sending the check right away so we receive it in time. If a check is in the mail, but you think it might not arrive in time, email Josh Daum to let him know it’s on its way! Click here to reserve and pay for your meal.

Meal reservations and meeting registration are now taken separately, to facilitate online payment.

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Need to submit an amendment to the Manual of Operations? Click here.

All amendments must be submitted in writing. If possible, please submit by noon on September 23. If an amendment is brought during the meeting, it will still need to be presented in writing.

Need to register for the meeting? See below.

Please register one person at a time.

If you need to register more than one person, enter one person’s information, click submit, and then select ‘Register Another.’ This is necessary so that we can get an accurate count and make sure we have enough food.

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